School Contracts

Power Play is a New Jersey State Approved Clinic and Agency offering comprehensive, cost-effective Occupational Therapy services to schools throughout the state.

Power Play is committed to providing our contracting districts the highest-quality therapy services possible, and every contract is tailored to meet the individual needs of each school district. To maximize accountability, we use transparent billing practices to assure that the districts, and their students, are getting the maximum benefit from our services.

Power Play is a family-run New Jersey therapy practice and we consider each school district we work in part of our extended family.

School districts are able to keep their cost down by contracting with Power Play Pediatric Therapy, avoiding recruitment, benefit and insurance costs. In turn, Power Play strives to offer the most efficient therapy services possible, with a strong focus on staff training and carryover into the classroom to assure that the skills students learn in OT are used throughout the school day.

We are committed to improving school-based therapy services to support administrators, teachers, students and their families. While we are based in New Jersey, our team provides services nationally on topics related to sensory processing, challenging behaviors and more.

PowerPlay Therapy Has Been Providing Occupational Therapy Services for Schools Since 1999

If you are a teacher or administrator looking to improve your school’s therapy services, contact us to see how the expertise of PowerPlay Therapy can help reinvigorate your school district.

The therapists at Power Play are dedicated to identifying your child’s strengths and sensory preferences, while giving them the confidence and motivation to try new things, learn new skills, and show the world just how SENSATIONAL they really are!

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