Care & Services

What is a residential healthcare facility?

Residential Health Care facilities cater to residents who are able to get around on their own, are not in need of 24-hour skilled nursing care and are able to perform activities of daily living (i.e., bathing, dressing and grooming) with minimal assistance.

The services offered are often very similar to those offered in assisted living residences. The facility provides 24-hour protective oversight, personal care services (i.e., laundry service), medication supervision and assistance, transportation and recreational activities. Health maintenance and monitoring services are provided under the direction of a registered professional nurse.

The main purpose of this level of care is that it provides for many individuals and their families, a delivery system that allows for a home-like atmosphere, while maintaining continuous supervision of health care and daily activity needs. This atmosphere encourages independence for as long as possible, while assuring safety.

Health care services we provide

  • 24 hour supervision
  • Assistance with personal hygiene
  • Management of funds for clothing and other purchases if needed
  • Supervision of all medications
  • Health maintenance and monitoring services provided by a registered nurse
  • Medical Doctor that will come to the facility on a regular basis and as needed
  • Appointment arrangements inside and outside the facility
  • Home cooked meals that are approved by a licensed nutritionist
  • Daily housekeeping including laundry services
  • WiFi access
  • Monthly excursions are available for

Safety and Security

Staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that everyone’s needs are being met. There is also a Registered Nurse and Medical Doctor who visit the home regularly and are also on call. The property has surveillance cameras in place along with all necessary fire prevention measures.

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